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Taekwondo being a self defence Martial Art (sport) there are many different types of punches, strikes, thrusting and blocking which need stamina, accuracy, power, intelligence, skill, ability, maneuvering & strength etc. etc.

Academy conducts the training in a safe, supportive and sweat-inducing environment by our well qualified and trained instructors.

– We provide private or one to one training sessions to the individual at the place and time convenient to him/her.On joining our Academy as a fresher/beginner our instructors, by paying personal attention on each and every student, guide the beginner(s) the methods of body conditioning and stretching for toning the body and then guide to learn the basic footwork, striking techniques using both hands and feet.   Once the basics are acquired, the techniques are ingrained through constant drilling until the student become expert and execute it with ease and accuracy.

-We are conducting group classes batch-wise at different  places as per the details provided in our reach us column.

-Special ladies and kids classes are also conducted by the Academy.

-We also arrange special training camps during summer/winter vacations.

-Academy also arranges Taekwondo tournaments/competitions of different levels.

-All information like dates of starting of new batches, examination, exam results, conducting summer camps etc. are available at Academy’s website.


•Affiliated to -
Taekwondo federation of India
(Aff - World Taekwondo, Asian Taekwondo Union, Indian Olympic Association, Govt. of India.)

•Member -
Kukkiwon, World HQ South Korea

WT - World Taekwondo South Korea

Korean martial art Society, Australia.

WTMU - World Taekwondo masters Union, USA

• Recognized-
FIT INDIA (Ministry of Youth and Sports, Govt of India)

•Overseas Technical Advisor -
Thailand International Culture Athletic Association & Police Martial Art training Institute